Charged Drinks Healthy Recovery Drinks

Power your body at the cellular level with a clean, clear, refreshing Charged. Designed and formulated using the most advanced science of this century to power athletes at the cellular level, our range of Charged Drinks will have you saying 'ahh' after every sip. 

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charged clean hydration healthy recovery drinks

Charged Clean Hydration helps hydrate your body with 5 key electrolytes, our proprietary Fulvic Trace Mineral and unlike many other hydration products, with only 0.1g of sugar per bottle.
By hydrating your body after training, Charged Clean Hydration helps replace lost electrolytes to assist you with post-training recovery and performance.


Charged drinks healthy protein drink

Charged Clean Protein Water helps supercharge your recovery and muscle growth with 15 grams of pure Whey Protein Isolate. As the alternative to the extra-sweet, high-sugar protein shakes out there, Charged Clean Protein Water uses its ultra clean formulation to offer all the benefits of protein at 99% sugar free in just one bottle.

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