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At Rooted, we draw on the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic medicine to bring you the finest root-based elixirs. We are dedicated to our deep-rooted belief that the earth holds an abundance of nutritious foods to better our health. Our purpose at Rooted is to collect these roots from the earth in their most natural, unruly form and transform them into delicious, healthy drinks for you to reap the benefits of what nature has to offer. 
Go on, get back to your roots.
Rooted Turmeric Elixir original healthy drinkRooted Turmeric Elixir apple cider vinegar healthy drinkRooted Turmeric Elixir tropical healthy drink

Original Turmeric Elixir

Rooted Turmeric Elixir contains the equivalent of 21,000mg of fresh turmeric root, sweetened with Australian honey and delicately balanced with lemon, ginger and cinnamon. Turmeric is one of the earth's most powerful superfoods. Rooted has crafted this delicious elixir for you to experience all turmeric has to offer. 


rooted turmeric elixir healthy drinks yoga recovery

Apple Cider Vinegar Turmeric Elixir 

We have combined the equivalent of 21,000mg of fresh turmeric root with cleansing apple cider vinegar, lemon, dandelion and cayenne pepper to help support the body's systems to flush out unhealthy substances. Cleanse and get back to your roots!

rooted turmeric elixir apple cider vinegar boost immune system

Tropical Turmeric Elixir

We have twisted the equivalent of 21,000mg of fresh turmeric root with refreshing tropical fruits for you to get back to your tropical roots. 

rooted turmeric elixir tropical healthy refreshing drink

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